Cement, Acrylic and Elastomeric Textures

Textures convey many different architectural impressions. With the right products and application techniques, it is possible for applicators to create unique textured surfaces. Parex offers a wide range of textured finishes to achieve a range of styles from ultra smooth to rugged, coarse textures and swirl options. The samples below represent the variety of textures Parex offers.

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Specialty Finishes

From old world Venetian Plasters and textured Tuscan Stucco, Stucco d' Raffinato to modern metallic coatings, Parex USA Specialty Finishes provide the best in design and quality in high-end decorative surface finishes. Specialty Finishes are to be used as a finish coat over flat surfaces such as: concrete, stucco, masonry and interior gypsum board walls, ceilings and special decorative elements. All final finishes are hard, durable, breathable and low maintenance. Each Specialty Finish is designed to provide distinctive texture, color and design options for interior and exterior applications.

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The images shown are intended to show the approximate texture of the finish. Texture will vary depending on the type selected. Variation in texture due to weather, job conditions, and method of application should be expected. For texture verification, request actual sample in the color and texture prior to ordering material. Apply a sample of finish to be used on actual substrate before proceeding with the application. ParexUSA is not responsible for texture correctness of applied finish. Texture and color must be verified and approved by owner prior to application.