EIFS Insurance

Insurance coverage is crucial for any party in the construction industry. Coverage for the EIFS industry is no different. Insurance coverage and rates vary greatly. Many factors need to be considered when calculating rates including jurisdiction, system components/materials used, and risk assessment (past experiences) of the applicator completing the work.


Parex USA has always been active in educating the insurance industry about the numerous benefits of EIFS. The company has developed numerous educational training programs for Applicators to help reduce risk. These programs are designed to provide basic EIFS information; including standards, tests and codes, application, details, design considerations, and expected maintenance. Furthermore, Parex USA supports the ongoing educational programs and outreach spearheaded by leading industry associations such as the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI) and EIFS Industry Member Association (EIMA).


Recently, EIMA developed a comprehensive list of Insurance carriers who have been identified to offer EIFS coverage for commercial and residential projects. Click here to download a list of providers.


This list is for informational purposes only. Parex USA does not endorse any particular insurance product or company. Parex USA is not affiliated with any of the brokers listed and cannot guarantee their services or products.