Press Release: Parex USA Announces the Launch of LaHabra Perma-Flex Stucco Grade Acrylic Finish

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Parex USA Announces the Launch of LaHabra Perma-Flex Stucco Grade Acrylic Finish


Anaheim, CA — March 02, 2010 - Parex USA, Inc. the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, Teifs, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, and Merkrete today announced the launch of LaHabra Perma-Flex Stucco Grade Acrylic Finish.

LaHabra, a pioneer in the stucco industry since 1926, proudly offers acrylic finishes specifically formulated for use over stucco substrates. The new formula provides the advantages of an acrylic finish at a lower cost. Perma-Flex not only provides an economical solution during these challenging times, but it also carries the advantages of being weather-resistant, vapor-permeable, and allows for easy installation. Although LaHabra is best known for their cement stucco finishes, Parex USA is one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic finishes in the nation.

"Acrylic finishes are known for their superior color consistency and range of colors and textures," said Jennifer Pregowski, Brand Manager. "With the use of Perma-Flex, one can add beauty and durability to any project at a low cost and help ensure that the color applied will last for many years with minimal maintenance."

Perma-Flex Stucco Grade Acrylic Finish is available in Fine, Swirl, Coarse and Smooth Textures in the LaHabra standard and lifestyle color pallete. Custom colors are available, providing the applicator with a variety of design options.

Perma-Flex Stucco Grade Acrylic Finishes are durable exterior coatings that provide color and texture over LaHabra Wall, LaHabra BasiC926, brown coat, cast-in-place concrete, and other approved substrates. For more information regarding Perma-Flex Finishes, visit



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Parex USA, Inc., a California Corporation, is the parent company to brands that offer a wide range of innovative façade and flooring solutions. Its brands include Parex, LaHabra Stucco, Merkrete, Teifs, El Rey Stucco, Merlex Stucco, Variance Finishes, and Vero-Rialto. It is a subsidiary of the ParexGroup, S.A., one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty solutions for the construction industry. ParexGroup spans 22 countries, employing 4,000 professionals across 66 manufacturing facilities and 9 R&D centers. To learn more about Parex USA, Inc., please visit



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